Parco del Municipio Map of Town Hall Park


Streets and gardens

Town Hall Park

The park was annexed to the Palazzo Attems Santa Croce from the 18th century and it was originally organized in a formal Italianate way, featuring geometric shaped flowerbeds regularly arranged on the central axis of the building.

That changed when the industrialist Gain Cristoforo Ritter became the owner of the building, giving to it the today’s neoclassical style. He expanded the park and transformed it into a romantic green area with curved pathways and irregular small woods. It is probably during this period the Monopteros Temple was built at the end of the new park. The park was well-known for the valuable and exotic floral species, including a redwood. After the transfer of the building to the Municipality in 1907, the green area was  reduced to enable the construction of Via Barzellini and the Pitteri School.


Piazza del Municipio, 1, Gorizia