Le case del ghetto ebraico Map of The Jewish Ghetto houses


Palaces and buildings

The Jewish Ghetto houses

The street that was in the past the main road of the ghetto, maintains today almost all of its original appearance.

It features tall houses, stone arches around gates, doors and windows and typical wrought-iron balconies. On some door-jambs are still visible a rectangular hole for the mezuzah: a container in which there is a roll of parchment with Biblical verse typical of houses of practicing Jews. Some of the houses still show their year of construction. For instance, number 16/B shows on a lunette in wrought iron the year “1808”; number 4 has the numbers “5564” which means (according to the Jewish calendar) the year 1804. Inside one building there is still the safe of the Jona company, a rich company that gave rise to the popular saying: “Do you think I have the Jona’s cash register?”


via Ascoli 16/B