Palazzo Paternolli  e la soffitta di Michelstaedter Map of Palazzo Paternolli  and the Michelstaedter attic


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Palazzo Paternolli and the Michelstaedter attic

From 1862 to 1934 this building housed the Paternolli family. Seat of one of the most famous stationers and typographers of the 20th Century.

The building has an important value for the role it played in the life-story of philosopher Carlo Michelstaedter, who used to meet in the attic of this building with his friends Nino Paternolli and Enrico Mreule, his inseparable play, reflection and study-mates. They were also the main characters of the work “Il dialogo della salute” that he wrote in the last weeks of his life. In addition, in this attic, Carlo wrote his degree thesis La persuasione e la retorica.

The building is today for sale and it has never been completely renovated, except for works done to repair a big hole on the front faҁade caused by First World War. Recently found near a door in the attic that gives access to the right part of the loft, is a drawing of a friar that was drawn by Michelstaedter. It is clear it is by him when compare the style to some of his drawings conserved in the Gorizia library, Biblioteca Statale Isontina.


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