“Gerusalemme sull’Isonzo” Museum “Gerusalemme sull’Isonzo” Museum


“Gerusalemme sull’Isonzo” Museum

The museum is on the ground floor of the synagogue, in a spacious hall with a vaulted ceiling. It shows the history of the people of Israel, from biblical times to the diaspora, describing rites and celebrations, everyday life and the main religious celebrations--with particular attention to the history of the Jewish community of Gorizia.

Part of the exhibition is dedicated to ritual tools and Holocaust witnesses. There are two really impressive set tables, one for Saturday and one for the Easter Dinner (seder). There is a wall reproducing some graffiti of the Risiera di San Sabba, next to which is a long list of names of Jewish people living or arrested in Gorizia, deported and killed in extermination camps.

In a small part of the museum are exhibited the paintings of the Gorizia-born philosopher Carlo Michelstaedter. These works are from the “Fondo Michelstaedter” owned by Biblioteca Civica di Gorizia (Gorizia Library) that holds his original manuscripts.