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Parco del castello

The Castle Park dates back to 1993 and it looks like a semi-naturalistic oasis on 37,000 square meters.

In the past it was the municipal plant nursery and it preserves the characteristics of the Collio Goriziano area--a type of landscape that has been prevalent in this area since the aftermath of World War Two. It includes an easy footpath, it offers a large, sunny recreational area, many benches, tables and an adorable small fountain. Thanks to its position next to Gorizia Castle, it offers to tourists charming panoramic views of Kostanjevica, Panovec and other surrounding hills.

The Castle Park extends naturally towards the vast private area of the Sinigaglia Park, which covers the side of the hill overlooking Via Franconia. Thanks to an agreement with the City of Gorizia, a section of the park will be accessible to the public who will have the opportunity to admire, amongst other things, a wonderful monumental chestnut tree.


Località Borgo Castello, 36, Gorizia