Piazza Sant'Antonio - Grande guerra Map of Piazza Sant'Antonio - First World War


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Piazza Sant'Antonio - First World War

Going down from the Castle we reach Piazza Sant’Antonio, Palazzo Strassoldo on the right, a palazzo that hosted 19th century exiled French royalty.

“It was abandoned by its owners on the 3rd of July 1915 and it was at the mercy of soldiers, repeatedly hit and damaged by grenades until, on 16 th September 1917, a fire reduced it in a pile of rubble.” The surviving part of the Grey Friars cloister in Piazza Sant’Antonio and the attached small church from 19th century were hit, as well as Palazzo Lantieri which had a collapsed roof and a partly destroyed wing. 


Piazza Sant'Antonio
Palazzo Lantieri in Piazza Sant'Antonio, Agosto 1916
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Palazzo Strassoldo in Piazza Sant'Antonio, 1918 circa
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Il mercato in Piazza Sant'Antonio, inizi XX secolo
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Piazza Sant'Antonio, inizi XX secolo
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