Parco di Piuma-Isonzo Map of Piuma-Isonzo Park


Streets and gardens

Piuma-Isonzo Park

The Piuma Park runs between the Mount Calvario and the right Isonzo river bank. It covers an area of 32 hectares divided in two parts.

The first part is hilly, mainly covered by woods and lies between the Groina Stream and Oslavia Hills.

The second part follows the banks of the Isonzo River with charming alternations of small coves and rock formations. The upper, woody part, is equipped for trekking and includes a fitness trail and picnic areas with barbecues.

The riverside part supports canoeing and kayaking. Both parts of the park are characterized by a great variety of flora and fauna, with a prevalence of chestnut trees, varieties of oak, wild cherry trees and ashes, and animals like wild boars, roe deer, foxes, hares, squirrels, and eagle and barn owls. Swans nest and the herons find shelter along the river.


Via Ponte del Torrione, Gorizia