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Palazzo Werdenberg – Biblioteca Statale Isontina

The building, restyled in the mid-17th century by Count Giovanni Battista Verda de Verdenberg into a boarding school for aristocrats who wanted to start an ecclesiastical career, maintained the function of a Jesuit Seminary until 1773.

Later it was an Imperial College, then a Liceo and from the mid-19


century the Imeperial-regio Ginnasio Statale (Staatsgymnasium). Today it houses the library Biblioteca Statale Isontina that preserves a rich heritage, including the collections of the Jesuit College and those of the Civic library founded in 1888. The palazzo, completely restored between 1988 and 1995, maintains its original 17th century structure and inside it is still possible to see the courtyard surrounded by arcades and in the entrance staircase stucco motives decorating the ceiling made prior to 1705. Inside one can view contemporary works of local artists, in many cases donated on the occasion of the exhibitions set up in the Art Gallery, named after Mario di Lorio, that is located in the library


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