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Sant’Ignazio Church - Gorizia Asburgica

Once back on his coach, the Emperor traversed Via delle Scuole and passed by the old Werdenberger seminary founded by Jesuits. At the time the seminary was the seat of the Austrian Imperial regio Ginnasio. Today it’s the library Biblioteca Statale Isontina.

Passing through the last triumphal arch, decorated with green fronds wrapped in golden ribbons, Franz Joseph reached the Piazza Grande (today Piazza Vittoria) stopping in front of Sant’Ignazio Church, where, welcomed by the Archbishop, he attended a solemn mass in his honor which concluded with the Imperial hymn. Waiting outside for him were four cyclists with their handlebars adorned with flowers that accompanied the Imperial coach through the parade.


Chiesa di Sant’Ignazio
L'imperatore Francesco Giuseppe entra nella Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio, 1900.
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Arco trionfale in Piazza Grande, 1900.
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Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio in Piazza Grande (oggi Piazza Vittoria), inizi XX secolo.
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Piazza Grande (oggi Piazza Vittoria) e Via delle Scuole (oggi Via Mameli), inizi XX secolo.
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