Borgo Castello - Grande Guerra Map of The Castle Village - First World War


Streets and gardens

The Castle Village - First World War

In the first years of the 20th century the community in and around the Castle was a picturesque and lively village with medieval characteristics, though marginal to the city.

During the war the old buildings in the part of the road, just past the Santo Spirito Church, were luckily saved from damage though most of the village was destroyed. Among the damaged buildings were the Dornberg and Tasso houses that today host the Musei provinciali of the Castle. Here, close to the Fashion Museum, there is a World War I Museum with artifacts and documents from the war. The museum opened in 1938, firstly housed in Palazzo Attems Petzestein. The museum has a room dedicated to General Armando Diaz with exhibits that include a reconstruction of a military trench and the diorama of a battlefield.


Borgo castello
Borgo Castello, inizi XX secolo.
01 borgo castello cartolina inizi 900.jpg
Borgo Castello, inverno 1916-'17
02 Borgo castello inverno 16 17.JPG
Veduta dall’alto di Borgo Castello con 'incendio causato da una granata austriaca, agosto 1916.
03 10 8 16 Incendio da una granata austriaca.jpg