Mario di Jorio - Cover

Mario di Jorio

Painting has been my life, as an artist - student of Emilio Vedova - and as a lecturer at the Academy of Brera. My big gestural paintings with strong colors are journeys through intimate inner spaces. The Gallery at the Library has been named after me.

Do you like painting? It has been life, the sense of my every day since the time of the Gorizia Art School, where I had as a teacher Cesare Mocchiutti. I came out with a master's degree in art and then I went to Venice, at the Academy and in the studio with Emilio Vedova. My first show took place in 1975, when I was 17, while the last one just one month before I died, in 1999. I exhibited in Italy and abroad, I won prizes, my works are in important catalogs, museums and galleries. My paintings, engravings and drawings are images of my unconscious that occurs in a natural way through the gesture and the sign. They are journeys in inner spaces, vortices of energy, colors and movement. A tale of my restless soul that manifests itself in painting with the rigor of classical art. Only in this way the picture can be resolved and finished, and it lives.



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