Augustin Louis Cauchy


Augustin Louis Cauchy

As you may imagine by my name, I am a scientist and mathematician of Parisian origin. My life has always been linked with a double thread to the Bourbons, so much that I renounced to prestigious academic roles in my country to remain faithful to them. 

Dear visitor, as I arrived in Italy, I quitted the desk of sublime physics in Turin to teach the basis of sciences to Henry 5th Bourbon, nephew of Charles X, in exile. This is how I arrived also in Gorizia, where I assisted to Charles X's death in 1836, at Palazzo Coronini Cronberg. I stay in Gorizia for other 2 years, until Henry became 18. 

Many people consider me the most prolific mathematician after Euler, with 27 volumes and more than 13.000 published pages. My work on the mathematical methods of infinitesimal calculus, together with those of my colleagues Lagrange and Rolle, paved the way for modern mathematics.

A crater on the Moon's surface has also been named after me!