Statue of the philosopher Carlo Michelstaedter Statue of the philosopher Carlo Michelstaedter


Statue of the philosopher Carlo Michelstaedter

A statue of the philosopher was erected on a wider part of the road on 3rd November 2010. It was an initiative of the Gorizia Municipality in the occasion of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the philosopher’s death. The life-size bronze statue was created by the famous foundry Fonderia Bonvicini from Verona from a photograph of Carlo Michelstaedter taken in 1907 in the Boboli garden in Firenzewith his friend Gaetano Chiavacci.

Michelstaedter (1887-1910) was a philosopher, poet, author of graphic works and paintings, a sensitive and restless young man that after finishing the l’Imperial-Royal Ginnasio Statale chose to enroll at the University of Firenze to study letters and philosophy. Immediately after finishing his degree thesis, entitled La persuasione e la retorica, today considered a key text of 20th Century thinking, he killed himself with a shotgun on 17th October 1910. The statue, which is frequently visited by Michelstaedter enthusiasts, is the way Gorizia pays tribute to one of its most illustrious personalities.