Musei Provinciali in the Castle Town Musei Provinciali in the Castle Town


Musei Provinciali in the Castle Town

As a result of restoration works that ended in 1989, the houses Dornberg and Tasso are today the seat of the Musei Provinciali that include the World War I museum, the Fashion museum and an Archeological and Ethnographic collection.

The World War I museum includes twelve rooms that exhibit pictures, weapons, medals and evidence of life during the First World War. The exhibits start with an overview on the First World War before concentrating on the Isonzo Front. Of particular interest is a reconstruction of a life-size trench, enabling visitors to imagine the life of a soldier during the war. The exhibition includes displays dedicated to General Armando Diaz and the Alpina Julia Brigade.

In the Fashion Museum there is a collection of accessories and clothes from the 18th to 20th centuries. Very interesting is the section on silk manufacture with a big twisting machine from the 18th century.

The Archeological collection includes finds from Gorizia and the surrounding areas. Items on display cover the period from the end of Paleolithic through the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.