Gorizia is the perfect place for a good, satisfying run. Gorizia is surrounded by green. It is filled with parks, gardens, pleasant and surprising vistas, embellished by a pedestrian area that is a “Mitteleuropean lounge” at leisure.

It is a quiet city. There isn’t much traffic and there’s no hectic pace--even in rush hours. 
For these reasons Gorizia provides opportunities to enjoy, at any time of day, a unique urban running experience. You can run through, or by, the most significant historic areas of the city (parks, tree-lined roads, palazzos, monuments, commercial thoroughfares and squares) without worrying about traffic or urban smog--a rarity in Italy.
The main running route is almost completely through pedestrian areas, along cycle paths and following roads with wide and comfortable pavements that form, in total, an almost 8 kilometer long ring. And there are two optional additional routes that can extend the run if you so want. 
The start of the run is the Parco della Rimembranza--where you can get ready with some warm-up exercises. From there take the Corso Italia, through the heart of the city, in the direction of the centre of town, running on the wide cycle paths and pavements flanked by palazzos and shops. 
Go through the city centre for about 700 meters until you reach Teatro Verdi. Here turn right into Via Garibaldi where the pedestrian area of the city starts. In front of the Town Hall turn left into Via Mazzini and proceed onto Via delle Monache, one of the best precincts in the city, then run left into Via Rastello and go along the road until you reach Piazza Vittoria, the centre of Gorizia’s social life, known in the past as “Piazza Grande.” 
Crossing the square diagonally take Via Mameli, on the right side of Sant’Ignazio Church, its bulb shaped bell towers amongst the most recognizable of Gorizian symbolic architectures. 
Then cross Corso Verdi and, keeping on the left pavement, run along a straight, slightly downhill 1 km long road, Viale XX Settembre, shaded by horse chestnut trees. 
On the right side of the road you can see the historic Palazzo Coronini Cronberg. It is worth taking a detour into its park to have a look at the prestigious palazzo before returning to Viale XX Settembre. 
At the end of Viale XX Settembre you can see the Isonzo River.
Here starts an option to extend your running along a pleasant pathway through nature. 



Crossing the busy river bridge over the Isonzo keep on the main road on the left side for some meters before taking the small uphill road on the right that leads to a graveled parking space and entry to the Parco di Piuma. This is the start of a running loop of about 1 km length. Its first close to a creek before it leads into a wood. The loop can be repeated as many times as you wish. The gravel path is ideal for normal running shoes.

At the end of this side-route go back on the main route by re-crossing the bridge over the Isonzo River. Then take Via Don Bosco a, tree-lined, slightly uphill road that leads you back to the city centre. Go along the road until it winds to the left.

Here turn right onto the steep downhill road towards the Riva Piazzutta, reaching a crossroads with Via Italico Brass.

Cross the street (with a quick look to the right to note the “Kulturni Dom” auditorium—Gorizia’s Slovene House Of Culture) and go up the road, at the end of which, turn right onto Corso Verdi to go through the most commercial part of the city.

Proceed along the Corso Verdi keeping on the right-side pavement, and being careful at pedestrian crossings. Running through this part of the city allows you to do some sightseeing. At the crossroads on the left you can see the Palazzo delle Poste (the Post Office), immediately after the indoor market on the right, which is lively most days of the week. Then, running onwards, reach the Giardini Pubblici with its centuries old tree species.

Immediately after the park turn left onto Via Crispi and run straight on. After passing some pedestrian crossings you arrive at Piazza Cavour, back in the old town centre.

In front of “Questura” (Police HQ) keep to the right to reach Piazza Sant’Antonio, with its shaded arcades, one of the most beautiful piazza’s in the city.



Here you can add another loop to your run. It is more challenging than the first. From Piazza Cavour you take a steep uphill road that leads to Gorizia’s Castle Town. You run aside the castle walls before you enter the Castle Town through the stone gateway (Porta Leopoldina – Leopold’s gate) and find yourself in the medieval centre of the old city. Keep on running up the road until you reach the park in front of the Castle and follow the left fork to reach the Santo Spirito Church, the oldest church in the city. Go back via the downhill road, passing the War Museum on your right. You will arrive back at the road you took to reach the Castle. Return to Piazza Cavour and continue on to Piazza S. Antonio. This optional route extends the main route by about 1 kilometer.

Back on the main route, once passed Piazza Sant’Antonio you hit a crossroads. The left branching uphill road leads to the University Centre in Via Alviano, but you need, instead, to take the road that runs straight on, that is slightly downhill.

Going past the Baiamonti Stadium  note on the left the San Rocco Church, located in one of the most characteristic parts of the city. Arriving at the junction with the wide Via Vittorio Veneto turn right and go along the road heading towards the city centre.

Run on the right pavement for about 500 metres before coming to traffic lights. Cross the pedestrian crossing and take a left turn into Via Duca d’Aosta. Run straight on for about 500 metres to reach Parco della Rimembranza. Running through the park you come back to where you started.